Monday, June 25, 2012

A new purse - This time it's a Clutch

So I finally got finished with some things and decided to try making this clutch purse.  I got the pattern from a web site called  

Tell me what you think!

Compared to the other bags I have made it was fairly simple.

This gives you an idea of size

Here's the back of the bag

The front with the flap open

Here's what the inside looks like
 Looking at the inside now, I think it needs a pocket.  I am also thinking about adding a thin shoulder strap that can be worn outside but easy to tuck inside if needed.

A side view

A closer look
I really like the way this bag turned out.  The outside material was for home decorating and I got it at Joann Fabrics.  

If you want to buy the same kind of material, use a coupon and you'll save big bucks.  Joann Fabrics sends out new coupons almost every week.


  1. It looks really good as I knew it would while I watched you make it. But I still like my camo bag better, if I could find it. I set in down outside and now I can't see it.

  2. Hi Genie, thank you for stop by my blog :)
    I loved your clutch, beautiful!
    Like you I love bags :)
    Have a nice day!