Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow is here! (Again)

Believe it or not, it was raining and 40f/5c yesterday and today we are getting perhaps as much as 10 inches of snow.  I was asked to take some pictures so I thought I would just post them here on my blog.  If you are looking at this from some place warm, be thankful.  If you are sharing the misery, Spring will be here soon!

Here's what I see when I look out the front door.  That blob on the left is a car and right straight in front of you between the trees is our driveway.

Here is a picture of the south side of the house.  That's part of our yard.

Another picture of the yard.  I wanted to capture a picture of the pine trees weighed down with the snow.  This time it was very wet and heavy snow.

A picture of our deck in the back of the house.  The snow is actually pretty, but I am sure I won't be thinking this when we have to  clear it.

Another deck picture

It seems to have stopped snowing now, but winds will pick up and then the drifting starts.  For now we don't have to worry about it since we are sitting all snug in our house.

A nice cup of tea and I'm good to go!


  1. driving in Madison roads today was fun :)

  2. Wow! You live in a beautiful place. We just went house shopping and I want those trees (and... believe it or not, colder weather!) I was born in a place with a real winter, which Texas doesn't provide. Luckily, we work from home and do NOT have to get out in it. Love these pictures.

    ...Came here from Spark People