Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summertime Fun

Actually, I was being sarcastic.  This will NOT be fun, but there is no way to avoid it.  Our entire septic system must be replaced.  I took some pictures of my yard being excavated.

They dug 4 holes in all.  The first one was to see what was going on with the existing tank.  That's when they found out it was almost rusted through and had to be replaced.  Since the drain field pipe was also rusted though, guess what?  Yep, the drain field has to be replaced as well.  Do you see where the fun part comes in?  Neither do I.

The other 3 holes had to be dug because they needed to see what the soil was like at the deeper levels.

On the plus side, I may be getting rid of the big evergreen bush in the yard.  It has been a real PITA to maintain along with all the other trees, vines, etc in the summertime.  They plan to do the work sometime the week of July 8, 2013.

This is them covering up the 12'x10' hole that was dug to find out the condition of our septic tank

Now that they have covered up the first hole, it's time to dig more!

To the left you see the bush I hope they take out when they install the new system.
If I can I'll try to get some pictures taken during the installation process too.

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  1. Big job and no fun at all. Hope that bush gets the short shift for you too.