Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let's Get Ready To Rumble! - First show of the season

OK, I'll admit it wasn't a big show, but since I was horribly sick and missed doing any shows last winter, this was a good one to start with.  It was a small show, inexpensive to attend and it was close to home.  A perfect combination.  Oh, and as an added bonus, the weather wasn't too bad either.  Not perfect, but not bad.

This was the first show where I had both my dichroic pendants and soap for sale.  I took some pictures to document this auspicious occasion.  

Also, if you are interested, I have my show schedule posted on my web site so stop by if you can!

Here is a display of my soap.  In the front you see my glycerin loofah soap and on the right is my 'Bag of Bones' soap.  The other soap you see in the back is the other soap I have made.  So far the Lavender Vanilla soap is my best seller.

A closeup of the loofah soap.

After looking at my Bag of Bones soap on the white table cloth I realized it was not easy to see so I put it in one of my jewelry trays.  The soap in the front is two separate pieces and the soap in the back has the skull and crossbones embedded in glycerin soap.  I called it "Buried Bag of Bones."

Here's a distance shot of the soap table setup.

The pendants I make.  As an added bonus, I caught my husband in the picture too.

Another angle

On to the next show!


  1. What a good lookin guy. The display is nice too!!!

  2. An awesome display Genie! The guy sitting there (hhmm, can't remember his name now) doesn't look like he's helping out too much, eh? He should be upright and touting for YOU!! so sure hope you weren't paying him $$ by the hour... lol.

    Seriously, what a wonderful effort and the whole display is very professional. Well done!!

    1. Thanks Mel and by the way - He's "thinking".... yeah, that's what he's doing, thinking. lol