Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sewing With Fleece - The Wigi Way Part 2

I realized I had a lot of fleece left over from the cat bed I made and blogged about last week but I didn't know what to do with it.  Then my DH asked me a very important question.  "Do you have any of that fleece left over and if so, can you make a pillow for me?"

Brilliant!  What could be easier than a pillow, right?  Well, you would think that at my age I would know how much I underestimate things.  But noooooo, not me.  I made the commitment, now I have to follow though.

I started to research it.  I knew I wanted to make what is called an 'envelope pillowcase' since it would involve a little bit of stitching and no zippers.  I Googled it and found some patterns and tips I could use.  I also didn't know if I had enough of the left over fleece material, so I got some remnant fabric just in case.
The original Pirate material is on the left and the right side is the remnant fabric I picked up.
I also got 2 pillow forms.  One was rectangular and the other was square. Here's the rectangular one.

I had an inspector come though to approve my work.  Here's a picture of him too.
Here's TC (aka "The Cat")
Both pillows I made were cut into 3 pieces, one piece for the front and 2 pieces for the back.  The back 2 pieces would overlap.

Here I pinned the hem that would overlap in the back of the pillow.
There actually is a right and wrong side to fleece.  You can see here the 'right' side is more vibrant and the pattern is more clear.
I did the same thing for the other material and here are the results of my project.

First, the rectangular Pirate pillow:
Pirate Pillow Front

And back:
Pirate Pillow back

Square Domino pillow front:
Domino pillow front

Square Domino pillow back:
Domino pillow back

Once I got the hang of it, things went smooth.  This is a super easy project to do and it made DH happy, which was my goal all along.

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