Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summertime Fun - Beautified

I decided that I had to cover up the parts of the new septic tank that sticks up above the ground and what better way to do this than with perennials.  During this time of year they are on sale so I got some good deals.

For your viewing pleasure the before and after pictures.

Very plain looking isn't it?

Here's my collections of perennials.

Close up of the purple coneflowers (or Echinacea)  More on this plant here.

The some of the other plants I got.  The one in the front is Catmint and I picked up 7 carnation plants for $1.98 each.  What a bargain!

After planting and watering.

The beginning of my perennial garden.

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  1. Good job! They are going to make a decent showing and you won't even know the septic tank is there. Way to go!!