Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summertime Fun - Revisited

If you recall from my previous Summertime Fun blog, we have a septic problem.  Well, the problem is now resolved and I have pictures to prove it.  Not only did we replace the entire septic system, but I gained almost a whole new front yard to boot!  Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Just a reminder of what we started with at the end of June 2013

Here they are digging an even bigger hole to put the new tank in.  Note that no matter how deep he digs, there is nothing but sand.  Also of note the big evergreen bush is GONE! (this is a good thing)

The hole is dug and we are waiting for the tank to be delivered.

Backing up the truck

Lifting the tank

The tank is in place.

Finishing putting the tank together.

Final inspection of it put together.

Close up

Here they have installed the pipe from the house to the tank and are starting to backfill the hole.

A trench has been dug for the pipe going to the drain field.

Laying the pipe to the drain field

Here's what the drain field looks like before it's covered up.

The end of the drain field.

A look at the system from the end of the drain field.

Another look.  Also, this is the south side of the house.  All those windows really help heat the place on a sunny winter's day.

Filling in the trench.  He had to do this since it was the only way he could get the heavy equipment out.

Here they are setting up the tank pump.

Close up

Filling in the holes and smoothing things out.

Almost done here.

Finishing up

The pictures you see before are a before and after view of the yard.  On the plus side.  I'm very sure that we won't have to worry about mowing a lot of this part of the yard!


After  - All done!  Note that all the work you see here was done in two 90 degree days.  

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  1. Such a comprehensive coverage. Great that it is complete and all is well in your neck of the woods.